Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ken's Magazine Challenge

Our most recent challenge at Prickly Piecers, the local quilt guild, is based on a photo selected from a magazine. My envelope contained this image and the resulting small quilt I made was done with dupioni silk and sari silks. It is shown here.

Here is the exact wording of the Challenge, if you are interested in sharing it with your guild...

Choose an envelope. Make a quilted item (quilt, wall hanging, bag, runner; your choice; big or small as you'd like) using the colors in your photo from the magazine. You may use 2 colors, 3 colors, or all of them, your choice. Have fun and play with it. Bring your completed item and the photo you chose to the ___ meeting to show it off.  

Thanks to Ken Casey for providing this and many other challenges for our group.

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