Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Raven art

Here is an image of my Raven art made to celebrate Halloween. I found an image to copy from the internet, put it onto muslin and then tinted the muslin with walnut ink and Tim Holtz distress inks before placing it over a black heavy cheesecloth-type netting (only heavier) and a piece of shimmery copper organza-type fabric. This was set onto an illustration board covered with old copies of "The Raven" poem, authored by my personal favorite, Edgar Allen Poe.

I used a black vegetable-type netting for the hanger, completing the textural look of the piece.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bride of Frankenstein

My friend, Ingrid, made me a Halloween gift of a Bride of Frankenstein plaque that she made. It is backed by black foamcore. The image itself was cut from her Silhouette cutter, which is a fabulous tool. She has used black wire in a twisted fashion for the hanger and added a piece of black lace for embellishment.

There is a link to Ingrid's blog on mine. It is called "Living in a World of My Own"if you want to see more of Ingrid's work.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autograph Quilt from Prickly Piecers

Prickly Piecers Autograph Quilt 
This autograph quilt was made for me by my friends at Prickly Piecers Quilt Guild of Ahwaukee and was presented to me by my friend and the President of Prickly Piecers, Lynnita Knoch. The members of Prickly Piecers all signed the blocks and I will cherish the quilt as I do all of the people who were part of its making. Many thanks to the members for their visits and cards, calls and emails during my recovery from my recent heart surgery. I look forward to rejoining the group and participating in Fall Camp next month.

Thanks again to everyone for this special remembrance.