Sunday, September 6, 2015

Labor Day Project

It's Labor Day Weekend and I have a project to do. Jill. the VP of our local quilt guild, has issued a Kit Challenge due at the Christmas meeting in December. We are to bring in a quilt pattern (can be a purse or tote or whatever, as long as it is quilted) kit that we have purchased somewhere along the way and haven't touched, bring it in, have it recorded and if we complete it by the Christmas holiday meeting, we win a chance to be entered into a drawing for several prizes.

I brought in the Melinda Bula Geranium kit. I purchased it at Road to California in 2010 when my friend Barbara and I took the Rose class from Melinda. Yes, I intended to rush home and do it immediately, after all that's why I bought the kit isn't? But it didn't happen. But AHA, I pulled out of my quilting closet, took it into the Challenge meeting and decided to doit over the long weekend.

Here are some photos of the progress I have made so far...

You've seen the progression from yesterday through today. Tomorrow I will put the finishing touches on with fusible and then all that remains will be the quilting. I'm liking it a lot so far. What do you think of it?