Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Susan Carlson's Class

Susan Carlson has authored two books on quilting, Free-Style Quilts, a "No Rules" Approach, and Serendipity Quilts: Cutting Loose Fabric Collage, both available at I fell in love with the first book and when I learned she was coming to my local area to teach, I quickly signed up...only to have to cancel through the magic of kidney stones. But, not before I was inspired to design my own piece, (thanks Patty.) I had a lizard on my design wall which i had developed earlier based on Highway 101 (also known as Shea Boulevard in Scottsdale). Here is a photo of the highway and you can see where I was coming from.
 And here's a close-up of the lizard I had in mind...
I only needed him (or her) drawn out with a Sharpie on freezer paper and I would be good to forward by about five years, and voila! I could do a Susan Carlson-inspired quilt.

Now to use her technique to put the collage together. Gather the fabrics, I picked hot pinks. Next, I began fussy-cutting the florals out of the hot pinks, placing them on the left side of the quilt.

Looking at this photo may help you to see how I began...
And this is how it began, filling in the background.

Oh, and did I say that this is a teaser? You have to check back to see the quilt once it is finished and quilted. But you do get the idea, don't you? What I'm not sure you can see from these photos is the raspberry sparkling tulle that is covering the pink collaged garden. It certainly adds to the effect when you see the quilt in real life.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Encaustic Painting

Another session in encaustics, this one using encaustic paints, which are just the beeswax with pigment added. It does make for an extended session, tho. I like the effect of the paint. Incising with metal objects provided the lines and swirls.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Encaustics Raven Project

Here is another encaustic project. This one is an Edgar Allen Poe / Raven inspired theme. It features a raven transparency in the lower left corner, a section of the poem in the upper right, an image of a Poe novel in the near-center. It also has a raven charm and a tatting shuttle featured for additional embellishment. Gold Pearl-Ex covers inscribed circles in the lower right. The piece is 12" by 12" on wood.

My son, Jason, shares my love of all things Poe and this piece is dedicated to him.