Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Splash" is Done Except for the Quilting

Splash is finished except for the quilting. I added lots of decorative stitches around the border in a variety of colors since what had been done within the interior of the blocks was not as visible as I had hoped. It will soon be finished.

It started out as four blocks which were then quartered and rearranged before being sewn back together, then decorative stitching was added. Next the pieces were put back together into four wonky blocks. Colorful decorative stitching was added. 

Just a fun project to show off stitching, which I enjoy dong. Stitching is mesmerizing...stitch, stitch, stitch and that is the gateway to a trance-like state where all things become possible. Stitching is nirvana to me. I would do it all of the time if I could.

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