Tuesday, March 8, 2016


When you look at this colorful piece of work, doesn't it inspire you to make a quilt? I love the bold, bright colors. I can imagine this turtle taking off, swimming through the water.

I named him Oscar because I worked on him during the Academy Awards show. It is a Susan Carlson project and I loved being in her class at Quilting in the Desert. I've made many of her patterns and this is my latest one in progress. You can see that he is only laying on top of the hand dyed fabric.

Image printed on muslin
Included are some of the images of the progression of the piece so you can see how it went together... As you can see, he isn't finished, but I am mid-move to Ohio and he is in one of the many boxes. He will reappear in a later post in all of his glory.

Turtle Paw

Alternate background

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