Saturday, March 12, 2016


This is the beginning of a Susan Carlson-inspired spiral from her book, Serendipity Quilts: Cutting Loose Fabric Collage. I took her class at Quiting in the Desert in Phoenix in January, 2016. This is how the spiral begins. Two colors of scrap fabrics (opposite on the color wheel preferably), glued down on to muslin. I experimented with Roxanne's Glue Baste-It and found it very useful. Next you add more fabric strips.   
Spiral Beginning

This unique blend of purple and orange goes great
together, don't you think? This spiral of colors is 
really a very satisfying effect. The tulle, which is
added later, makes it appear multi-

Finished base

Stitching down the tulle

I used my walking foot when stitching down the
tulle. It helps to glide over the surface in a circular motion.

Trimming away tulle.

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